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In Colegio Internacional you can learn Spanish in Spain through a complete and dynamic teching.

The school is located in Alicante, a small but cosmopolitan city of the Costa Blanca, next to mediterranean sea with excellents temperatures during all year and big beaches to enjoy the whole summer. Colegio Internacional is located in the city center, next to the shopping areas and only 5 minutes far from the sea.

Spanish in Spain

Founded in 1998, it is spezialized in Spanish courses in Spain to foreign people. Configured by a wide staff of natives and Spanish teachers, Colegio Internacional covers all levels, to satisfy any students´ need who want to learn Spanish in Spain.

There are wide variety of Spanish courses since begginers, intermediate and advanced to anothers like fast track programmes (intensive Spanish language course) or personalized programmes..

Within well-appointed classrooms to offer the highest confort to the students, and lots of extra activities, it is recognized by lots of associations like Instituto Cervantes, Swedish Government with the CSN grants, by the Norwegian Government with Lanekassen, by the German Government with the Bildungsurlaub & by the Austrian Government with the OÖ Bildungskonto as a high quality Spanish school.

Learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to improve your language skills and live new experiences surrounded by the Spanish culture. Colegio Internacional, is the best option for you.

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More information about Spanish courses in Spain

Spoken in the American continent and the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, Spanish has been a common language used by the native speakers. For these native speakers, using this language in their everyday lives is already easy. However, this can be quite difficult for foreigners who are still adapting in the culture of the country.

Spanish courses are being offered for those people interested in learning the language effectively. Whatever are your reasons in learning Spanish, Colegio Internacional is able to meet your specific needs.

Due to the reason that students are different in their reasons for learning Spanish in Alicante, the different courses are being offered at different levels: Intensive, Semi-intensive, business, and for young students. Other courses are also designed to help people in their work placement and volunteer work.

Spanish studies are being taught in the entire year with students coming from a wide array of nationalities. The teachers that teach the language are qualified and native speakers. They have obtained the specialist training and university degree that allow them of teaching the language to foreigners.

The teaching methods are communicative and modern, with the teaching approach centered on students. Our programs are aimed at helping students learn more from the time that is made available for them. These will give them the opportunity to develop their language proficiency and expanding their knowledge of literature and Hispanic culture. Many Spanish minors and majors are being combined with political science, organizational studies, pre-med, American culture, economics and psychology.

Spanish language is being learned by foreigners in an enjoyable experience that invites them to repeat it. These high quality courses are made to fit for students of different levels and ages. With all the doubts and questions that arise from the minds of the students, they are being answered carefully by the instructors. The program tackle the right grammar. The students will learn how verbs are being conjugated in four different moods. There are simple tenses and verbs that are being conjugated properly in the three conjugations.

The language courses are being designed for them to communicate in Spanish language effectively. In the end, they are left with improved communicating abilities that help them in their entire stay in the country. The students can learn more about the techniques of writing, speaking, reading and comprehending the language.

Learning Spanish has never been this great; our teaching system is the best for your complete understanding of the language and the culture. Combine a learning and fun experience of mastering the language with dynamic activities in a reputable school like Colegio Internacional. Feel free to learn Spanish in Spain with courses that give you the cultural knowledge and language skills necessary for your success!

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